I have worked with Attorney Ponath on a number of cases in the Juvenile Court of Waukesha County. She has served both as attorney for parents, and guardian ad litem for children.

As an attorney for parents, Attorney Ponath displays understanding and compassion in dealing with her clients; she explains her client’s legal rights and obligations to them; she zealously advocates her client’s position; and seeks the best possible result for her clients.

As guardian ad litem for children, Attorney Ponath vigorously represents, and is dedicated to, their best interests.

Attorney Ponath is highly competent, diligent, and compassionate. She will serve Waukesha County well as a judge.

Mark Brellenthin

Attorney, Brellenthin Law Offices

Attorney Ponath has the initiative, enthusiasm and devotion to make a significant difference in Waukesha County. Sarah displays the highest degree of integrity, ethics, and dedication. These qualities make her a superb candidate for judge. 

Charlie Myers

Fire Chief, City of Brookfield Fire Department

Sarah Ponath is our attorney. She walked us proactively through several legal items taking care of updating wills, medical powers of attorney, financial powers of attorney, etc. in order to put our lives in order. She definitely connected with us on a personal level, and explained things simply and thoroughly. Her knowledge and experience are excellent. I highly recommend her.

Judi Murphy

President, Murphy Associates

One of the most important things that you should know about Sarah is that she has a very strong work ethic.  If she says that she will do something, it will be done, and it will be done efficiently and quickly.  She is a leader who leads from the front. I believe that this aspect of her character will serve her well as a judicial candidate and as a judge.

Hon. Ralph Ramirez

Circuit Judge, Waukesha County


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